Warum das Internet langsam ist

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Eine sehr gute Beschreibung bzw. Antwort für Menschen die sagen – mein Internet ist langsam – und eigentlich gar nicht wissen was Ursachen dafür sein können …

Why the Internet Is Slow

This question often comes up. Everyone expects a simple answer. There is none. What is the Internet? It is huge. It covers the world. It is complex. Things differ from one minute to the next. Parts of it may be (are) slow, and parts may be faster. When you say that the Internet is slow, it would be similar to saying that going to the Quickie-Mart takes a long time. Which store? The store itself may be crowded and you may spend time in the store itself. Similarly, on the Net, if the site you are going to is a popular site, that server may be extremely busy and slow to respond. Now, the Quickie-Mart may have plenty of workers and things move quite fast there, but it may have a small parking lot with a narrow entrance. In terms of the Internet, this would be like the local connection to the Internet. Along the roads you drive to get from your house to the Quickie-Mart, you may run into heavy traffic. This can slow you down. Similarly, on the Internet, there may be many links to be traversed to reach the remote site. There may be congestion on any of these links for all kinds of reasons.For example, if the Quickie-Mart is near a stadium when a game is on, you may run into traffic from the game. This has nothing to do with the Quickie-Mart, but it will affect the time of your trip nevertheless. How close do you live to the Quickie-Mart? If you are far, it may or may not take longer. This depends on the speed you may travel along the roads. One thing, however, is that the more roads you must take, the greater the chance of running into congestion. This is true on the Internet, but things are even more complicated. Closeness on the Net has nothing to do with physical locations.

Look at the name, „Internet.“ The name comes from the fact that it is an interconnection of networks. MCI has a network, Sprint has a network, Rogers has a Network, Bell has a network, etc. It is very expensive to interconnect these networks, so interconnect points are kept to a minimum. The closest real-world analogy that comes to mind would be in New York in the first half of the century when the three subway systems did not interconnect well. If the Quickie-Mart was along an IND line, and you lived near an IRT line, you may have a long subway ride to get from your house to the Quickie-Mart.