Securely provide environment credential passwords in the terminal

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If you use npm, docker, aws or other CLIs that require authentication or require environment variables, you want to have them available without copy/pasting it from some password manager and you don’t want to store it as plain text in .bash_profile or .bashrc.

How about using the Mac OS integrated keychain password manager? It provides a command line interface for storing and retrieving sensitive information.

To store a username password combination, or also just a password, you may use the add-generic-password feature of OSX keychain:

security add-generic-password -s name_of_credential -a username@something -w "PASSWORD"

You may leave -a switch with the same name as -s if you only need a password credential.

To retrieve a username or password from keychain and provide it as an environmental variable, add it to your terminal file as following:

export MY_USER=`keychain -u -s name_of_credential`
export MY_PASS=`keychain -p -s name_of_credential`

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